Titanfallen Beta

Titanfall Beta

I had some reservations about this game, but after playing the beta I feel a lot better about it.

Even for a beta version, the combat is very smooth and tight. There is a good sense of balance between the titans and pilots with neither being able to completely dominate the other. Both are built to counter-act the proficiencies and take advantage of the weaknesses of the other. Weapons seemed somewhat limited but I think that will open up in the full version of the game. I expect there to be more attachments/options for items when the game releases. It is a challenge based system to open up the attachments but they are relatively easy for the most part and rewarding for using a certain weapon over time so that if you find one you really like it will become more and more customizable.

Not all my concerns are quelled, however. I worry when I see a multi-player or on-line only game. To me there always have to be some type of back story to hold at least some reason for the combat scenarios and scenes. This game is really still a cloud of dust on that end and will have no campaign, as far as I know, upon its release. This may be mitigated some if there is a large amounts of maps for free when the game is released and afterwards. Most likely, maps will come in the form of paid for DLC but I think it may be in there best interest to also drop a couple new free maps every now and then just to keep players interested.

Overall, I’m excited about the game being release but question its longevity. We’ll just have to wait until 3/11 to see what the final product looks like and wait for the long-term results to come in. Respawn is to be releasing more information after the beta is over. Maybe that will address some of the questions or issues we all still have.

Things are getting a bit choppy here at the end of the beta time. Completely lost all in-game audio earlier, now lag and server drops are an issue. Getting those last few games in though.

Update: not a hard lockout, still playing at 9:26 Eastern Time.



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