Darksliders 2

Darksiders 2I played the original Darksiders and had a lot of fun with it. Unfortunately, I cannot say the same for the sequel.

Darksiders 2 continues the timeline and events of the first Darksiders. You play as another one of the four horsemen, Death, as he ventures to prove his brothers innocence.

Uh, where to start. Let’s be positive first. The graphics are great. The first game had good graphics but this game is better. The music was extremely well done and added greatly to the mood of the game.

Too bad that was it for the positive. The developers added an unneeded and overly complicated inventory system. I don’t want to worry about what boots I’m wearing just so I have better defense to attacks. The story was unclear and why you were doing things wasn’t always clear. The first game kept you engaged with constant enemy attacks whereas this game has too many points where you are solving puzzles God of War style and not even facing enemies.

Don’t buy this game. I borrowed it from a friend and was happy I did so because I almost did buy it and would have been even more disappointed. I gave up and didn’t even finish the game.

I hear mama calling so it’s time to go.


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