Star Trek: Into Kahnness

Star Trek: Into DarknessI’m sure the Trekkies just had a field day hating this one.

Continue the adventures of Captain James T. Kirk as we find he and his crew trying to save a dying planet. They are successful in doing so but violate the Star Fleet prime directive by interfering with a race or planet’s evolution. Summarily, Kirk is relieved of duty but his dismissal is short-lived as a new threat emerges against Star Fleet. A terrorist has bombed a federation building killing many innocent people, leaving a darker more heinous plan to come about. Kirk is quickly recommissioned as the Enterprise’s captain and is sent behind enemy lines to kill the terrorist.

If you saw the first movie of the Star Trek reboot that J.J. Abrams did, then you have  pretty good idea of what this movie is like. Lots of special effects, action, and explosions. Much the antithesis of the more cerebral original series and movies. The look and feel of the movie coincide directly with the first installment making the second movie feel more like an extension of the first. This movie also continues to use elements from the original series although in a some what altered manner. The story was good overall but it did have some plot holes that you had to look past and just accept at times. These will probably be the fodder for all the haters to throw about.

Perhaps my biggest issue with the film happens to not be with the film itself but rather more of a marketing issue. When the film was first announced and put into development, many people involved with it came out and said that it was not going to about Kahn. However, when the film came out the villain was Kahn. This seemed somewhat disingenuous and misleading of a move by the producers. Even with some of the trailers leading the viewer to believe it was Kahn, those making the film would not admit it was. It’s one thing to try to have a big reveal in a movie and it’s another thing to basically lie to your fans. Bad form is all I can say about that.

When it is all said and done, whether you like, love, or hate any or all series of Star Trek, this is an entertaining film. Even though it stands alone from any of the series I would recommend watching the first of this set of movies first or you may struggle to understand some of the people and stories within the movie.

Here we are again where my cheap ass did not pay for this movie. I borrowed it from family and enjoyed watching it several times. At this point it is not available on Netflix but who knows when that will change. Get the viewing trifecta from Amazon for less than $20 and enjoy this chapter of the new final frontier.

Ok, now the real Trekkies can go back to arguing about how many dialects of Klingon there are.


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