The Deep Blue C-

The Deep Blue SeaWhy did I even watch this movie??? I’ll tell you – read on.

Longing for the fire of a love that has left her, a married woman seeks comfort in the arms of a younger man. A judge’s wife, Hester Collyer, has found love anew in the arms of a strapping young pilot, Freddie Page. Alas, as most secrets cannot stay hidden her affair is discovered and her entire life unravels. She finds herself torn between two worlds: one of affluence and comfort with a husband she no longer loves; the other with a man she loves more than life itself but his love is as distant as the clouds he once flew in.

The movie boils down to being a story of a love triangle set in the 1950’s. Love unrequited is a common theme in this movie being harshly shown from Hester to Freddie and Hester’s husband to her. Conflict arises as each try to assert in themselves in the positions they pose to defend, be it their longing or lacking of love. Being set in a very specific period makes the film both beautiful and akward to watch. The scenes look and feel authentic but still have a sense of falseness about them. I’m not sure if the grainy appearance of the film was a choice of the director or an effect from my Internet connect to Neflix at the time. Either way it took away from my enjoyment of the film.  Something else that I didn’t care for was the use of flashbacks to tell the back story. The flash backs ranged from weeks to months to years and seemed out-of-place or unnecessary at times.

So why did I watch this movie you ask? If it were so ho-hum why bother? To be honest the cast made me curious. I’ve always liked Rachel Weisz for some reason and just thought it was nice to see her getting some work lately so I wanted to see it. More intriguing though was Tom Hiddleston being part of the cast. I’ve never seen him in another role than as Loki in the Thor and Avenger movies and I was curious to see what kind of actor he was in other roles. I think both of these actors did very well in their performances and were the very best part of the film.

Do I recommend you watch this movie? Well…that depends. Do you like British love tragedies? Then go ahead and watch it. If romantic melodramas are not your thing then don’t watch it. If you do decide to watch it, Netflix has it for you. Amazon has it streaming as well or for purchase. Just make sure you get The Deep Blue Sea and not Deep Blue Sea. Unless maybe you want to see LL Cool J and a big as shark.


2 thoughts on “The Deep Blue C-

  1. Good review. Weisz was great in this and really had you see this gal’s problems for what they were. Even if it is abundantly clear that she’s a bit dysfunctional and messed-up in the head-space.

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