Finding Miss

Finding BlissI didn’t really want to review this movie but I was hoping to stop some one else from watching it. There are better ways to spend your time.

Follow the trials of a film school graduate hard on her luck in Hollywood but even harder on her luck in love. She can’t get anyone to return a call for a job in the entertainment industry until finally one day she gets a callback for an editing job. Unfortunately it is for a pornographic film company. Her struggles in love make the job nearly unbearable but she sees is as an opportunity to get use of the company’s resources to take a screen play she has written and make it into a feature film.

Oh, let’s keep this short. This movie is too forced and unnatural. The dialogue and screen play is so contrived it borders unwatchable at times. Far too often does the movie take time to try to justify and explain itself with its own story. Another poor attempt of Hollywood to indulge upon its own self-absorption. If you want another point to be irked with, the movie is used yet again to justify an industry that Hollywood claims isn’t a real industry. Why would Hollywood continue to glamorize porn and bring actors from porn into “real” movies? As much as Hollywood complains about the porn industry even they recognize one cold fact – it makes money. I’ve said enough, even mama doesn’t want to hear anymore.

As much as I like Leelee Sobieski, I can’t tell anyone they should watch this movie. It’s on Netflix if you must watch it but please don’t buy it. If you are still not convinced to NOT watch it think about this – they show Jamie Kennedy’s penis. If you want to watch a legitimate movie that has ties to the porn industry watch Zack and Miri Make a Porno. That movie at least has better writing and story.


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