Aeon Lux

Aeon FluxMaybe I like it just because it has Charlize Theron running around in skin-tight outfits.

In the year 2415, the entirety of humanity lives in one large city ruled and maintained by the Goodchild regime. The Goodchilds are the family of scientists that saved humanity from near extinction when a virus killed all but five million people on earth. Under their guidance and care, all of the survivors live and work in the only habitat humanity has left. This should be paradise, a place where everyone is safe and provided for, but strange unsettling things are happening. People are disappearing from the streets and their homes without explanation. Perhaps most disturbing are the dreams and visions that haunt every citizen. With the Goodchilds unable or unwilling to answer the questions posed by these issues, an underground movement has formed to end the Goodchild’s reign. Aeon Flux is one of those fighting against the Goodchilds and becomes more deeply involved after they kill her sister. Aeon will find that there is more happening than she or anyone else knows about.

For being a movie based on an animated series, that itself was based on a comic book series, it falls short of a lot of expectations. From a technical level, I can say that it looks and sounds great. It is not overcome with obvious CGI effects. The cast and crew did a good job in their roles to bring this futuristic city to life. Where the movie becomes a let down is in the storyline. Every movie has some slips and holes in it but this one seems to try to glance over its own. You have to think that in four hundreds years somebody would come to question how all the members of the Goodchild family always look exactly the same. A slip that bothers me more was the implication that memories and emotion are inherent in our DNA. This was how they are passed in the movie but that is just not how it works.

One can overlook the issues with the writing within the movie but the bigger issue was how untrue the movie was to the content it was supposed to based on. I vaguely remember watching some of the animated series when it aired on MTV and even I don’t think the movie was in line with that. I can only imagine how far from the comic book storyline the movie was. The movie comes off as a money grab with the names and places having a completely unrelated story grafted onto them. This movie had to be a disappointment to true Aeon Flux fans.

I can watch the movie now and be more entertained that when I originally saw it. Maybe the sourness of being so far from my expectations has dissipated over the years. If you can look past it not being true to Aeon Flux it is an ok movie. Too bad it is so hard to forget that it was supposed to be Aeon Flux. If you have Netflix, take the time to go back to this one and give it a second chance but I suspect that the $12 Amazon wants for the movie would be better spent on the animated series instead.


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