What’s In The Box? It’s An Apple AirPort Time Capsule!

Apparently I just have too many wireless devices. My  Netgear G54 wireless router was not handling the amount of devices I had running through it so I had to find something with better throughput. After countless hours of researching, I decided on the Apple AirPort Time Capsule with 2TB of storage. The decision was swayed by several factors. First was the need for better wireless connectivity and the AirPort had very good ratings and reviews for its 802.11ac wireless radios. I don’t have any devices that can use ac and it is not ratified as a standard yet but I figure I’m going to have this unit for the next few years so I should be good for any new devices I get. The second factor in my decision was the built-in storage. I had been using an Iomega Home Media 2TB drive as a backup device. Part of the issue I was having was that the throughput for my MacBook Pro to complete a back-up was terrible and not only slowed my network’s performance but caused my MacBook’s battery to drain several times daily. The last factor was the fact that it was an Apple product. Given the fact that all the Apple products I have purchased have worked very well and been great purchases sold me on making this one as well.

With all that said, let’s take a look at what you get. First, the box itself which is about 5″L x 5″W x 9″H.


Pull off the plastic shrink-wrap and you have to pull the box up off of its bottom. It doesn’t necessarily come off easily but will come off eventually to reveal the Airport Time Capsule itself.



The base of the box has a pull out piece that will gain you access to the power cord and documentation.


That is all that is in this box. If you do need to hardwire anything you better already have the cables you need.

Normally I have an audio track here of the unboxing but I lost the file save so there will not be one for this post.

What I do have is some more detail on my experience thus far with the AirPort Time Capsule. I must say that this is yet another satisfying purchase of an Apple product.  From the setup to the overall performance, it has met every expectation.

Setting up and configuring the unit was alarming easy. I launched the AirPort Utility, it discovered the AirPort device, and asked me to configure it.  Better get your’s set up quick before someone else sees it and configures it I guess. I was able to make the SSID and wireless settings match my previous router’s and all of my devices connected with no further modifications. Setting up Time Machine to use the Time Capsule for backups was just as easy. Once you are on the same network, click select disk, select the Time Capsule disk, and click Use Disk.

The performance of the router has been fantastic. Currently I have my Xbox 360 hardwired to it and the following devices connected wirelessly: MacBook Pro, iPad, iPhone, AppleTV, PlayStation Vita, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Even connected wirelessly, I have not noticed any lag or other issues when playing my Xbox One and PlayStation 4 online. I have not played any PlayStation 3 games online to say anything about its performance. One issue that was resolved with the AirPort was the lag when using the PlayStation Vita’s remote play function with the PlayStation 4. With the Netgear router it was unusable even with the PlayStation 4 hardwired and PlayStation Vita running wirelessly. On the AirPort, both devices are connected via wireless and there is no noticeable lag.

If you do need to hardwire more than three devices then you are going to need some additional equipment. See in the picture below that there are only three gigabit Ethernet connections you can plug devices into.


You can see a fourth Ethernet connection but that is reserved for the connection to your Internet provider. There is also a USB port for USB storage devices but I have not used this and can say nothing about it other than it is there.

If you are willing or able to pay for this device it is well worth it. I weighed it against several other products but ultimately felt this was my best value. Many other routers have the same amount of interfaces and radios at nearly the same cost but do not offer the storage. There is also a 3TB model available if you need more space than 2TB. If you don’t need storage at all there is model with no storage that is less expensive.


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