Dah Wolverine

The WolverineI don’t know how they’ll ever do Wolverine without Hugh Jackman.

Logan is in the midst of what could be considered a near mental collapse when he is approached by an unknown Japanese woman. She has been sent by a man who Logan befriended years ago to bring Logan back to see him on his deathbed. When they meet, the man offers the immortal Logan a share in his fate, death. But Logan finds that appearances are not what they seem. He is quickly drawn into political and personal agendas. Through it all he must fight with his own past and future.

The Wolverine is a continuation of the X-men movies that Jackman has been a star in. It is much bloodier than those movies but it also presents a much deeper story. Maybe the film maker is trying to show how close to the edge Logan is now or how brutal his nature can be but at times everybody on camera dies by his hand. Beyond that I found myself in suspense throughout the entire movie not realizing its ultimate conclusion until the very end. There were subtle twists and turns that kept me from completely surmising the entire course of the movie.  I will admit that there are times that this movie slips into a more typical action film role. Some of the fight scenes seem a little ludicrous but keep in mind that this is all based on a comic book. Of course there is the irreverent gritty, angry, go $%# yourself Wolverine humor that Jackman delivers flawlessly.

Jackman gives us the Wolverine that we have come to know and love yet again. I know there is talk about him not doing any further Wolverine roles and this would be sad but I understand that perhaps he feels he has gone as far as he can with the role or even that the film company may want a younger actor to re-energize and lengthen the role. If Jackman does leave the role, the next actor to take the role will be gauged against him whether fairly or not. Much like everyone will always compare every James Bond actor to Sean Connery.

If this truly is Jackman’s last run as Wolverine then I think he leaves on a high note. Fans of the X-men and Wolverine should take the time to watch this movie. Available for rental or purchase(Amazon has it for about $20) but your streaming services will have to wait to see if they ever get it.


3 thoughts on “Dah Wolverine

  1. They make this character a bit more interesting than he was in the past couple movies and it works wonders for the whole thing. Even when the crazy action shows up and does its thing. Good review.

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