Shack In The Woods.

Cabin In The WoodsThere is a reason I don’t watch horror movies – they make me laugh.

Five college friends are taking a weekend trip to a cousin’s cabin in the woods. This is to be a weekend of relaxation and fun for the group but from the very beginning something does not feel right. They find strange things in the cabin’s cellar about a family that used to live there. From here on out the weekend of fun is turned to tragedy and survival.

Yes, this movie mad me laugh. Stop reading right now if you don’t want possible spoilers, you’ve been warned. Maybe it would not have been as funny if they had not pulled the curtain back from the start to show that everything that was happening to the group was being orchestrated. This would have helped keep some of the suspense at the very least. There was a slight plot hole I think in that how would they have been able to get that particular group of people to go to that particular place on that particular weekend? Seemed too much like the perfect setup scenario and took away more of the believability. Even more befuddling was Sigourney Weaver popping up, literally popping up. She shows up for no apparent reason at what is supposed to be the climax of the movie. Even with that, it seems even less clear why her character would not have taken more action rather than trying to explain the situation to everybody. If you have eight minutes until the world ends and at least one person needs to die, are you going to walk in with a whole-hearted speech or a gun?

Obviously there are people who thought better of this movie than I did. If you want to watch it go ahead, I won’t be watching it again. If you do like it and want to spend the money, of course Amazon has you covered for about $12.

Mama’s telling me to shut up now. Bye.


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