Killzone: Sha-DOH Fall

Killzone: Shadow FallWhether you like this game or not may be determined if you liked the precursor games(here and here). If you never played the previous games then it’s a complete toss-up.

Thirty years after the events of Killzone 3, we find the Helghast living on the home world of their enemies. An uneasy truce has given all the Helghast asylum on Vekta after Helghan was destroyed. True to the uneasiness of the truce, the Vektans are suspicious of the Helghast and are carrying on covert operations to investigate their activities. Lucas Kellan is as close to this situation as possible. When the Helghast were given their asylum, Kellan lost his father to them during the forced exodus of their home. Since then Kellan has been working with Vektan agents against the Helghast. It is now his time to go behind the enemy lines to prove once and for all that they pose a definite danger to all Vektans. He will find however that both sides have been up to nefarious deeds and neither is above reproach.

From a technical stand point, the game achieves and falters. If the graphics were not improved I would have serious concern about the new console but the graphics are much better than the last PS3 installment. The most obvious visual improvement is the overall environment with a dramatic increase in detail and movement.  At times though it seemed that the programmers were trying to show off how many particles and objects they can control on the screen at a given time. If this lent something to the game play I would be fine with it but it reminded me of 3D movies doing things just to use 3D. I did like the controls and most of the weapons. The OWL is a drone that can be used for offense, defense, and technical tasks. Use it well and it will be your best friend in the game. I will state that some of the worst and most frustrating game play is in the free fall instances. I hope you don’t find yourself in the loop of failing over and over again like I did.

Along the lines of the previous Killzone games, the story is lack luster if that. Kellan’s story line doesn’t exactly fit together well and felt pushed at times. When he aligns himself with a Helghast agent just because she helped him escape it seemed like he put forth a lot of trust that was unwarranted especially since he basically betrays someone he has known for thirty plus years in the process. The story line also effected the game play. Whereas the previous games were frontal assault games, for the most part, this game has the player doing a lot of sneaking around much to the likeness of Black Ops or other stealth games. Not that this is necessarily bad, be prepared if you were expecting something else.

Then there is the online component. It is pretty much a rehash of Killzone 3’s online play. Warzone did not feel any different other than the maps. The ability to earn and mix items like weapons and abilities shows how everybody is still trying to copy Call of Duty.

Not that this was a bad game, it just wasn’t a great game. Being one of the first out on new hardware had to be challenging and scary. I think maybe I expected more from this game just because of the next-gen console hype. If I discount the hype and look at the game objectively I can say it was somewhere in the range of ok to good. The new game price of $60 is a little hard to swallow though for what you get. May be wait until people start trading it back in and the price drops to $40 or below.


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