What’s in the Box? – It’s an Xbox One

We have it in hand now, the second and final of the next generation consoles – the Xbox One, specifically the Day One Edition. Let’s get in this box.


The box itself is square and flips open from the handle side(on the bottom of the picture above).


First thing you get to see is the Kinect controller. You know, the one that you don’t have the option to not buy.


Where the Xbox logo is printed opens to reveal some additional contents such as some documentation, HDMI cable, power cord, power brick, wired headset, and batteries. Here’s a better look.


Then we removed the Kinect from the box.


Getting that out of the way, we are finally to the meat of this meal.


Here the console is nicely and tightly packed into the very bottom of the box.


There is the console! Behold it in all its glory.

It’s hard to get  a feel for the new system with out a point of reference. With that said, here are some bonus pictures to compare.

Like, the Xbox One beside an Xbox 360 from the top…


and from the side…


Now, the power bricks! From the top…


and the side.


For the final submission, the controllers.


That’s what’s in the box. If you get one of these for yourself, get ready to hurry up and wait as you download and install the day one, mandatory patch. It actually went fairly quickly.

Bonus: the audio unboxing. Thanks for checking us out.

[audio http://k007.kiwi6.com/hotlink/zcvo0st9no/witb-004-xbone.m4a]



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