Is This The End?

This Is The EndFunny movie, warning you up front.

Jay Baruchel has traveled to the west coast to see his old friend Seth Rogen. After a brief reunion, Jay reluctantly agrees to go to a party with Seth that his hosted by James Franco. When they arrive there it is a variable who’s who among celebrities. Much to Jay’s dismay he runs into Jonah Hill whom he cannot stand and this will have to deal with later. At some point in the party, Jay decides that he has had enough and coaxes Seth to leave with him to a convenience store. While in the store Jay confronts Seth about not wanting to be at the party and would rather go back to Seth’s place. In the midst of their discussion, strange lights come from the sky and raise people up. Chaos begins to ensue and the duo rush back to James Franco’s house. At first the party is undeterred but they quickly realize that something is going terribly, terribly wrong. A night of partying and celebration has quickly been turned into a fight for survival.

If you like the other movies that Seth Rogen has done then I’m certain you’ll like this one as well. Sure, it’s not a piece of master cinema but you can find that elsewhere. This is a movie of cheap laughs and insults. You don’t want to think about the technical and logical flaws. For instance, if everything in the world has gone bad then why is there always electricity? Or, if there is sunlight while they are in the house then why is it is dark and smoky as soon as they go outside? Just don’t think about these things and accept that they don’t line up correctly.

There are plenty of laughs through out the movie. My most favorite ones involved Michael Cera. He may have not been in the entire movie but he made the most of his limited screen presence. I don’t want to spoil anything but you’ll also get to see the long awaited sequel to Pineapple Express and it is worth it. Not sure if Danny McBride is playing himself or a caricature of himself but nonetheless it is hilarious. I won’t tell you all the great moments as you are better off to experience them yourself and pick your own favorites.

This Is The End is available for rental and purchase at any of your normal outlets and retailers. RedBox was kind enough to send me a free code for this and I was more than happy to accept their offer in order to be able to enjoy this delightful comedy. It is a serious consideration to pay Amazon the $22.96 they were asking last time I checked but Christmas is just around the corner and so is a price break. I’ll act tough and hold out.


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