Totally Rekall

Total RecallBest part of the movie??? Kate Beckinsale.

Douglas Quad lives a mundane life working at a factory and living with his wife, Lori, in a shabby apartment. The life isn’t the worst to be had a in a post-apocalyptic world but Quad longs for more. He is disturbed by recurring dreams of a woman that he can’t identify and trying to escape a place he doesn’t remember. The shaky existence he leads takes a heavy blow when he is turned down for a promotion that he feels he has earned. To forget his troubles he heads to Rekall to have memories implanted of adventure and intrigue. Little does Quad realize that this simple act will change his life irreversibly.

Not being a fan of remakes I did have some reservations about this movie before even seeing it but I wanted to give it a chance anyway. To my pleasure it was worth watching and provided a good amount of entertainment. If you had not seen the original Total Recall starring Arnold Schwarzenegger you would not have missed anything in this movie and been just as entertained. However, if you had seen the original it was interesting to compare elements of the two and enjoy the homages the remake plays to the predecessor. The writers and director stayed true to leaving it open as to what was real and what was fantasy but did not seem to play on it as much.

Unfortunately, the film does little or nothing innovative or new. It is pretty much your standard fair of unravelling a mystery, bantering with an enemy, shooting some guns, then blowing stuff up. If that is your idea of entertainment then have a seat and take a view. I understand that it is sci-fi and based in the future but some elements just didn’t work for me. It was hard to accept that the world was nearly ruined by nuclear war and we can’t fix it but we can build a tunnel for a mass transit system that goes through the Earth’s core. The special effects were nothing to write home about. In fact they made the movie look and feel like I, Robot.

Having two lovely ladies in the movie never hurts the eyes though. Kate Beckinsale narrowly edges Jessica Biel as more stunning. That might have been partially because of the badass moves and attitude Beckinsale employed. Although, Biel did a very good job playing the softer more supporting love interest. As for the rest of the cast, Bryan Cranston does his normal job but Colin Farrell surprised me the most. Ferrell not being know for his range was able to not only pull off being a reluctant action hero but also make his character relatable and identifiable. All in all, this movie had a solid cast that did their jobs well.

The cost to own this movie is just under $20 if purchasing from Amazon. That price will get you the trifecta for viewing(BD/DVD/digital). You really shouldn’t consider anything else if you are investing in a movie to own. I, however, went the cheap cheap route and borrowed it. Free is always the best price.


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