Killzone Quatre???

Killzone: Shadow FallJust got a text from GameStop telling my copy of Killzone 4 order will be available Tue PM. Not sure what that means. Today is Monday, so then tomorrow is Tuesday? Killzone 4 must be Killzone: Shadow Fall, right? So can I pick up a game tomorrow that I can’t play for three weeks??? I had heard reports of controllers and cameras being available early but a game??? Tomorrow may tell.


One thought on “Killzone Quatre???

  1. Sure enough, your copy is available as is your extra controller if you ordered one. The sales associate let me hold the Killzone box, I flipped if over to look at the back, put it down and laughed. I said “What do I do other than look at the box?” He said “Hold it close to you and wait three weeks.”

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