Coming to America, but no further than Queens.

Coming to AmericaRemember when Eddie Murphy was funny? Watch Coming to America for a reminder.

Prince Akeem awakes on the morning of his twenty-first birthday to the playing of music and his servants greetings. He is then escorted through his morning routine and meets his parents, the King and Queen of Zamunda, for their meal. This day is a very special day as per Zamunda tradition, Akeem is to meet his bride and future queen. He is more then apprehensive about this but manages to stave off the marriage by getting his father’s permission to travel the world before entering his marriage. Akeem departs with his loyal man servant, Semmi, with the intent of traveling to America and finding a true love to become his queen.

This movie was released at or near the zenith of Eddie Murphy’s box office appeal. The movie was to be a showcase of as much talent he could fit into one project. Murphy had credits for starring(in four to five roles), writing, and producing. Watch for all the actors in this movie that were not that well known when the movie was originally released. Unfortunately, the movie was not the springboard into the Hollywood stratosphere it was intended to be. There was a nice little throw back to one of Murphy’s prior movies(did you pick up what it was?).

Taken for what it is, the movie is an enjoyable light-hearted comedy. I don’t want to burst any bubbles but Zamunda is not a real country, so don’t start trying to book your vacation there. I like that the writers and producers just completely fictionalized a country and everything about it. Not once do they indicate where it is, although you are led to believe that it is in Africa, nor is it ever explained why or how this royal family is so rich. Even the fact that McDowell’s is a direct mockery of McDonald’s is funny. If only we could all have royal washers, that would make bath time the greatest part of everyday.

At almost two hours long, it is a lengthy time investment for a comedy. But if you happen to need a date night type movie this one might fit the bill. Be careful that that someone isn’t offended, appalled, or inexplicably too curious about the brief nudity. Netflix hooks you up with this one. Do you really want to own it? I don’t but Amazon will take your money for a copy. After all, Mr. Murphy needs some way to keep paying the bills.


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