Beta-field 4

Battlefield 4 Beta

Just remember – it is a beta.

Dice and EA released Battlefield 4 to an open beta on October 1, 2013. I took the time over the weekend to test the waters and see what it is like.

In its beta form, at least on the PS3, there is no single player component. Multiplayer action is limited to conquest and domination. Gameplay is further limited by there being only two maps available. Only one map per game type narrowed the experience even further. Once in a game, the familiar Battlefield look and feel takes over. Players have access to several classes of solider with different weapons and load outs. A peek at the scoring and progression system is given that there is a player score and ranking shown at the end of each round. It’s probably safe to presume that these stats and ranks will be reset when the game goes to the full release.

A lot of criticism should be withheld  given that the game is a beta. The introduction scenes look great. On par if not better than the Battlefield 3 scenes. However, the in-game play seemed to look worse. I dare compare it to how poorly I thought the original Black Ops multiplayer maps looked on Xbox(never played them on PS3). Some rendering issues were apparent, especially on the conquest map if you walk across the lower level of the bridge. Controls were solid and familiar. A few balance tweaks will probably come from this beta time.

This beta didn’t do anything to convince me to buy the game. I also would not dissuade anyone from purchasing it. If you any of the previous Battlefield games then you are probably going to like this one. This may be a game that I hold as a possible purchase if there is nothing more compelling that comes out on the Xbox One since there are no release day games on that console that particularly interest me.


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