Words of Wisdumb…017

There are three guarantees in life – death, taxes, and advertising.


State of the Fantasy…..0002

How about that Marvin Jones? Who else was talking about him? Well, I talked about him but I didn’t exactly recommend him. Maybe you were as lucky as I to find that magical pick up. If you weren’t here are some options for this week.

Thursday – 10/31/2013

  • 8:25pm – Cincinnati at Miami – If you have Andy Dalton you are probably starting him based on his performance over the last few weeks. Be leery of the less prolific Dalton returning against a respectable pass defense. I will take to A.J. Green and Marvin Jones to catch any balls from Dalton this week. Please don’t think Jones will have four touchdowns again, I’m calling for two. Not so confident about running backs from either side. Bengals defense should be a decent play but don’t be too upset if they give up a big play or two as long as they play good otherwise.

Sunday – 11/3/2013

  • 1:00PM – Kansas City at Buffalo – Alex Smith, Jamal Charles, and the Kansas defense should do well here. I think Smith may score a little lower since the Chiefs may do a lot of running. Buffalo only offers Stevie Johnson and Fred Jackson. I would rather have Jackson. He should get a lot of touches with whoever that guy is at quarterback for the Bills just trying to stay upright.
  • 1:00PM – Minnesota at Dallas – Adrian Peterson owners will come to hate themselves for continuing to start him and Vikings ownership for not trading him. Tony Romo should have a bounce back week from last week sub par effort. Dez Bryant, Terrance Williams, and Jason Witten should all do well in this game. Look for more passing attempts with Dallas’s running game injured and stumbling over themselves.
  • 1:00PM – Tennesse at St. Louis – Maybe you play Jake Locker, maybe. I’d recommend a St. Louis running back if I knew which if either one of them would be playing. Expect Chris Johnson to have one amazing play here to make himself look like you should start him, but you shouldn’t unless bye weeks or injuries force you to.
  • 10:00PM – New Orleans at NY Jets – That Jimmy Graham guy is good and you should start him. Even injured and hobbling Drew Brees has an implicit trust in him. I give up on Marques Colston as it appear he is invisible to Brees. If you can get the New Orleans defense I think they will do well. They are under rated to begin with and the Jets aren’t exactly a powerhouse offense. If you think the yo-yo is going up this week on scoring for Geno Smith then you can think about starting him. It’s to hard to rely on Smith doing well.
  • 1:00PM – San Diego at Washington – Phillip Rivers and Robert Griffin III are both starters if you have them. I’m starting Danny Woodhead but I think Ryan Matthews is start worthy as well. I think San Diego will be running and passing all over the Redskins defense. Although I think RG3 is startable, I have much less confidence in any of his offensive teammates. They should all get touches in the run and passing game but those touches are probably going to be pretty well distributed to everyone.
  • 1:00PM – Atlanta at Carolina – Oh gees. I don’t know if you can start anyone from Atlanta other than the water boy. Cam Newton may light this defense up like a pinball. The real Steve Smith may return here as well. DeAnglo Williams’s value and production may diminish if Jonathan Stewart is playing since they will be in a timeshare situation.
  • 4:05PM – Tampa Bay at Seattle – Poor Vincent Jackson, all alone as a fantasy star in Tampa Bay. Although Tampa Bay’s defense plays tough I think their fatigue will allow Russell Wilson and Marshawn Lynch to get some numbers. Of course Seattle’s defense should be started on your roster.
  • 4:05PM – Philadelphia at Oakland – Even if Nick Foles plays instead of Matt Barkley, I think the Oakland defense could be a good bye week fill in. Even with that said, LeSean McCoy should still have respectable numbers. Terrelle Pryor and Darren McFadden have the opportunity to run circles before Philadelphia’s defense will be able to tackle them.
  • 4:25PM – Baltimore at Cleveland – Don’t trust ANYBODY on Baltimore’s squad. They will either get you 1 point or 25. Hopefully the bye week let Ray Rice get healthy and if you have to start him he may do better than he has. Jordan Cameron and Josh Gordon should start inspire of their quarterback.
  • 4:25PM – Pittsburgh at New England – If you have a Pittsburgh receiver and have to fill a flex spot and you don’t have anybody else and you are not risk adverse then you can think about maybe playing one of them. Tom Brady is still a starter even with his lack luster performance this year. I wanted to drop New England’s defense but I just couldn’t pass on this match up. They are not that good but Pittsburgh’s offense is weak and like to shoot themselves in the foot.
  • 8:30PM – Indianapolis at Houston – Andrew Luck is going to have to keep throwing it and this will be the first look at who that will be to. Since the running game has yet to materialize, you may want to keep an eye on this game to see where the balls are thrown to judge who is going to step up to take Reggie Wayne’s place. I know that doesn’t help this week but you always need to look ahead. The Texans stink and they are banged up. If Arian Foster or Andre Johnson are playing I don’t know if they are anything more than a last resort in fantasy.

Monday 11/4/2013

  • 8:30PM – Chicago at Green Bay – Just because Jay Cutler is probably out don’t think that Brandon Marshall or Alshon Jeffery should not be started. They will still get balls thrown to them if for no other reason than to keep the heat off of Matt Forte and Josh McKown. Don’t forget to put Aaron Rodgers and Jordy Nelson in since they’re pretty good too.

Good luck in all your games. May the injuries avoid you and make it through another bye week.

Must Effect Too

Mass Effect 2If you choose to play only one of the games in the Mass Effect series, then this is the one you want to play.

The game opens with you as Commander Shepard aboard the spaceship Normandy. You come under surprise attack and quickly the Normandy is disabled and you make the call to abandon ship. However, the pilot of the Normandy, Joker, will not leave his post. To ensure his safety you make your way through the wreck the Normandy has been turned into. Once you get to the cockpit, you find Joker still trying to save the ship but you must convince him that the Normandy is lost and he must abandon ship with the others in order to save his life. You get Joker to the escape pod but you are separated from him as the attackers blast the ship once again. Floating in space, Shepard rives and struggles taking his last breathes. His body follows the curvature of the nearby planet and disappears into the sun’s glare.

As good as the first Mass Effect was this one was better. The graphics are improved from the original. The complicated weapon system is gone, weapons are simply upgraded and don’t have to be found. Gone are the thermal clips that had unlimited ammo but regularly over-heated the weapon. These are replaced with a more traditional ammo clip with limited capacity and ammo can be picked up from fallen enemies. The story is rock solid featuring new characters as well as familiar ones. You get the opportunity to go on missions specific to characters that will give you their loyalty, which will make them fight harder for you in future battles. Thankfully the Mako from the first game is nowhere to be found in this one.

Now don’t go thinking the game is perfect. I can’t tell you enough that all games have glitches and this one is no different. My character got stuck in environmental objects several times but these events were scarce and recoverable. One thing you probably won’t care for is mining for elements. You need elements and materials to purchase or make the upgrades for your weapons and crew. These elements can be found as you play the missions but you’ll be forced to mine them as well to obtain enough for your upgrades. It is a tedious and mundane task to stare at a screen as you spin a planet around, scanning it for the elements you need and then launching a probe to retrieve them. The only time this is remotely amusing is when you probe Uranus.

This game was my first exposure to the Mass Effect universe. A friend had been telling me it was a must play for some time but I held out until I could get a used copy for about $25. I was hooked from the beginning. Having the main character die as soon as the game started was a dynamic I never expected. How they reconstructed the character and used that event to open the universe was unique. Shepard ends up working for Cerberus after his reconstruction and even without playing the first game you get the sense from the start that this organization is not on the up and up.

Buyer beware that new copies of this game a little pricey for their age. Amazon is asking over $20 and GameStop wants just about the same(at the time of this writing of course). GameStop has used copies for under $10 but just do yourself a favor and buy the trilogy. It is under $40 and you’ll get all the content you’ll end up wanting anyway.

Bored Legacy

Bourne LegacyWake me when it’s over.

Jeremy Renner stars as Aaron Cross in a continuation of the Bourne movie franchise. The film begins with Cross being betrayed by the secret government program that he had been part of. He finds an ally in Dr. Marta Shearing, played by Rachel Weisz, when he saves her from being murdered by the same agents trying to kill him. Together they must find a way to stay away to stay alive.

Having really liked the original three Bourne movies, I really wanted to like this one as well. I didn’t expect it to be as good as the movies with Matt Damon but I had hoped it would have been better than it turned out to be. This movie played out like a rehash of The Bourne Identity. There were too many parallels between the two movies and made it feel like the franchise was ripping itself off. If they make a sequel and the lady dies in it then I’ll know for sure they are just reusing the same scripts.

The only thing that I did kind of enjoy was seeing Rachel Weisz back on screen. For some reason I always thought she was not only attractive but very charming.

The other plus was that I didn’t pay anything to see this movie. If you really feel a need to have it Amazon is asking $14.99. Maybe renting would be just as good for this one.

Well, mama is asking for her copy of this movie back but even she doesn’t want to talk about it.

Killzone Quatre???

Killzone: Shadow FallJust got a text from GameStop telling my copy of Killzone 4 order will be available Tue PM. Not sure what that means. Today is Monday, so then tomorrow is Tuesday? Killzone 4 must be Killzone: Shadow Fall, right? So can I pick up a game tomorrow that I can’t play for three weeks??? I had heard reports of controllers and cameras being available early but a game??? Tomorrow may tell.