What’s In The Box? It’s An iPhone 5s!

It was finally time to upgrade my phone and ditch the Motorola Droid X2 that has the bane of my existence for several months. Actually, my contract was up back in July but I waited until September when the new iPhone would be released. I even ordered it online as soon as it was available. No, I didn’t stay up all night clicking refresh on my browser trying to hit the Apple store as soon as it was available. I was sick as a dog and woke up with a coughing fit ten minutes before the store starting sell the new iPhone. Figuring it would be overwhelmed anyway, I was surprised to find that I was able to log in and process my order on the first try. Even with the immediacy of the order, it still took until the next Wednesday for the phone to arrive. Guess that is what happens when everything is shipped from China. On to the box…and the phone.


If you’ve ever opened and iPhone box before then you really aren’t going to be shocked. Rip off the shrink wrap, pull off the box top, and BAM!!! phone.


Then you pull out the phone and the insert below it to find the documentation pack, so to speak.


You see your headphones, data cable, and power adapter but back to the documentation or the lack there of.


Seriously??? It’s not even a book, booklet, or fold out. It is two cards. That’s it. I think the stickers are just as informative.

The iPhone 5s looks and feels very very very similar to the iPhone 5. For comparison, you’ll see the “Space Grey” iPhone 5s next to a White iPhone 5.



I guess they are calling it Space Grey rather than black because the back is not the solid black back piece on previous models. If you notice, I caught my fingers in the picture. Don’t worry, that’s just a reflection off of the plastic coating that gets pulled off. The finish is not as shiny as the plastic cover and the grey is slightly darker then the silver backing of the white iPhone 5.

Feels like an iPhone, looks like an iPhone, must be an iPhone. Now that it is out of the box, we’ll get to using it.

Audio unboxing…enjoy…or not.

[audio http://k002.kiwi6.com/hotlink/vq9irdd767/witb-002-iphone5s.m4a]

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