Galaga Legions OXOX

Galaga Legions DXIt’s nice to play a refresh of an arcade classic.

If you are not familiar with the arcade original, here is the quick version. You control a spaceship and are trying to destroy all the enemy spaceships to clear the area. Want more detail? In the original, you could only shoot forward, move side to side, and had a limited ability to move forward.

Galaga Legions DX gives you a graphical refresh and slight game play changes. The graphics for the areas and ships have been updated but you have the option to change to several different styles. The original graphics are available as well as a Pac-Man style. In this version of the game, you have the ability to aim your guns in different directions. However, the aiming ability is not always available.

It was fun to go play this game again. My first exposure to this game was on an arcade machine and I probably haven’t played it since. Not much was lost in that time. I still lost hours playing through the areas. I did kind of miss mashing the fire button. This was replaced by using the right analog stick to control firing and aiming but that was just not as satisfying. It did save my thumb from being as sore though.

Best part? FREE!!! – if you are a PlayStation Plus member. If you own a PlayStation and are not a Plus member by this point you really need to take the plunge. Choosing to buy the game and not joining PS+ will cost you $9.99.


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