OblivionThis is what happens when the same person writes, directs, and produces a movie.

Tom Cruise stars as Jack Harper(not Jack Reacher), one of the last human survivors of a massive war with an alien race. The Earth has been ravaged by the nuclear weapons used against the aliens and humans that did survive are preparing to leave for Titan, Saturn’s largest moon, where humanity will try to rebuild. Jack Harper is a technician that maintains the equipment that is harvesting the last of Earth’s resources that humanity will need to make anew on Titan. However, events cause Jack to question what is the truth about the war and finds that things are not as he believes.

The movie starts out with a very interesting premise. As the movie plays on though, the loose threads holding the plot together begin to unravel it. As the details of the war and Jack are revealed, the story begins to suffer a stability problem almost completely falling in on itself. There were too many incidental events used to tie things together to make it truly believable. Some of the explanations were not believable either and other times explanations were not even offered. Predictability became an issue very early on. I was able to clue in on most of the plot line within thirty minutes of the two hour feature. The plot came across as very force fed. I think that if more people had contributed or voiced opinions on the direction of the film it could have been better.

The biggest plus I can say for the movie was that the special effects were really good. That’s about it though.

Trying to enjoy this movie never really panned out. The best I could feel about it was “meh”. In the end, I felt like I had watched Vanilla Sky recut with 2001: A Space Odyssey and styled from the video game Portal.

I borrowed this movie, so I watched it for free. If you really want to see how old Tom Cruise is looking, I recommend renting. If you just have to own every Cruise movie then give Amazon twenty bucks for the viewing trifecta(Blu-Ray/DVD/Digital).

I hear mama telling me to shut up, I better go.


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