Jack Reachered Too Far

Jack ReacherYet another film about centered on the ultimate bad ass role. Not that there weren’t already enough of these movies, this is just one more on the heap.

Tom Cruise stars in the lead role of Jack Reacher himself. Reacher arrives in Pittsburgh after a former military sniper has been arrested for killing five civilians. The arrested man has a history with Jack Reacher and Reacher would just as soon see this man tried and convicted of this crime. However, an eager and idealistic defense attorney convinces Reacher to investigate the case. It quickly becomes apparent that this crime is not as cut and dry as it seems. Through the investigation, Reacher must trace all the clues, stay ahead of all the forces working against him and find the truth behind these murders.

Unfortunately this movie falls short of being the suspense-filled action drama it was intended to be. Too much of the film just felt contrived and forced.  Jack Reacher’s innate abilities come off as somewhat over done and silly at times. From he over-powering ability of intuition to the near perfect memory and recall, it felt like he had comic book physic powers. It’s also hard to believe that a man with no past can wander the modern world with no true identity. This illusion of Jack Reacher being a ‘ghost’, as the movie puts it, is broken almost immediately by the movie itself when the police and prosecutors are reviewing Reachers history they have obtained somehow. So Jack Reacher doesn’t exist, except for a fairly detailed recorded history that tells you almost everything about him?

I’ll give the movie an ok rating. Falling short on a lot of potential did not help. Plus the movie played like Mission Impossible but with out all the fancy gadgets and exotic locations. I watched this movie for free thanks to a free rental from Red Box. Mama said that price was right but unless you are in love with Tom Cruise don’t spend much more money on it.


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