The E-Splendid-ables 2

The Expendables 2Obviously a man’s movie, it is so bad yet oh so good at the same time. Building on the throwback action of the original, The Expendables 2 will again satisfy that taste for ridiculous action movies.

Have your popcorn ready and be in your seats when this one starts and finds our over-the-hill heroes in the thick of action as soon as the movie opens. Barnie is leading his troops into battle on top of armored trucks with the guys packing everything from heavy machine guns to rocket launchers. Into a small military installation they ride to acquire their target only to find one of Barnie’s competitors, Trench, as one of the captives as well. Crazy gun battles and huge explosions ensue as the group fights their way to safety. Only once they return to the States they are recruited by a government agent, Church, to take on a task to repay their debt to him.

I could have just as soon summed up the plot as “old guys shooting people and blowing stuff up” and felt that would have been sufficient. This movie is the grand continuation of Stallone’s vision to do an 80’s-90’s style action movie with some of the top talent of the time. One may argue that this is actually a better movie than the first. Granted the first movie was a sheer visceral delight and celebration to the movies these stars cut their teeth on to build their careers. This movie is better constructed from a story stand point but still provides all the action a fan would want. True to the man movie mold, there is no real love interest so the ladies probably won’t find much to love about the lack of love. But maybe the tinges of vulnerability and heart through out the movie will give them something to hold on to.

The cast is a crazy ensemble of action stars trading one-liners that make fun of themselves and each other.  The scenes with Willis and Schwarzenagger were absolutely hilarious. What other movie can get Chuck Norris to tell a Chuck Norris joke? If you have Neflix and a love for action put this movie on right now. If you need to have it forever then Amazon will help you out for under $15. If you haven’t seen the original it is time you do so, then watch the sequel, and then maybe watch them both again. That will help you kill some time as you wait breathlessly for The Expendables 3 to be released.


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