What’s In The Box? It’s An Apple TV!

This came along with the purchase of my MacBook Pro. I figured for just under $100 I’d see what this had to offer. If nothing else, I wouldn’t have to use my PS3 to stream Netflix. Lord knows the PS3 could use some time off.

Anyway…let’s look at the box and what is in it.

AppleTV Box

A pretty nondescript box that looks a lot like typical Apple packaging but not so fast. The familiar cut the plastic and pull the box top off is not what happens here. The outside is actually a sleeve that the box pulls out of.  Kind of a fast one by Apple in the packaging department. Maybe the box engineer was some new guy that didn’t know the standard practice.

Just to give you a reference and scale for the size of the box. Below is a picture to compare to some other items. You’ll see an iPhone5 for the Apple suitors and for the Sony Playstation folks, you’ll see the PS3 Dual Shock controller and PS Vita. The box is by far smaller than I expected.

AppleTV Compare

Box size aside, what you get in the box is just as puzzling. The Apple TV in on the top, as one would expect in Apple fashion. Then when the Apple TV is removed the remote is revealed.

Apple TV Open Box

I know the picture isn’t great, I’m a photographer in progress.  The takeaway is to notice not only how small the Apple TV unit is but also how tiny the remote is. Below is another comparison against the aforementioned items.

Apple TV and Remote Compare

The box has little much else to offer than the minimal instruction set and power cord for the unit as seen below.

Apple TV Contents

Ok, maybe a photography class couldn’t hurt. I need some work on the lighting but you see what you’ll get from the box. Further inspection of the Apple TV unit shows that the only outputs you get are HDMI and optical audio. Neither of which do you get the appropriate cable. The only other connections are Ethernet and power.

Quick impressions are that the Apple TV is underwhelming at best. The near minuscule size garners a lot of doubt but Apple does have a reputation for getting the most out of the least. The remote does cause some concern. It feels fragile like the rock hard bubble gum stick you get in a pack of baseball cards.  Yes, I bought baseball cards and remember the gum you got with it. Who knows how many dentist visits that gum has caused.

That’s what’s in the box. I’ll hook up the Apple TV and put it it to the test to see what it has to offer.  I have little expectation so there is little chance I’ll be let down.

Bonus Material!

Again, a short audio of my thoughts during the unboxing. Some audio issues. Still a work in progress, as we all are.

[audio http://k002.kiwi6.com/hotlink/u869h4w500/witb-001-appletv.m4a]

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