Not A Good Day for Die Hard

A Good Day to Die HardMaybe this movie series should be over and done with but this movie indicates that not only is the franchise not over, it may only be changing.

John McClane is still police man in New York but he will be going to Russia when he gets news that his son, Jack, has been jailed there. Barely off the plane, John finds Jack busting out of prison and on the run with another prisoner. Despite Jack not wanting John around, they reluctantly team up. John discovers that his son has secretly been working as a spy and is trying to rescue the other prisoner. Unfortunately, they find that things are not as they are supposed to be and now they must stop the Russians from following through on their plans.

I wish I could have given a better setup to describe the plot but this movie was all over the place. The Die Hard franchise did take an over the top turn with Live Free or Die Hard, but you’ll find that A Good Day to Die Hard really notches up this approach. The situations the McClanes find themselves in are more outlandish and unrealistic. The action sequences are even more over done than ever before. The plot suffers greatly from fragmentation and convolution. At various times it is not clear who is working with who. John McClane is being turned into more of a James Bond character than he was ever supposed to be. What happened to him being pretty much an average guy that rose to the occasion?

Perhaps the most disconcerting part of the whole matter is that this does not appear to be the end of the line for the Die Hard franchise. The basis of the movie sets up Jai Courtney to become the new star of future Die Hard movies. It’s going to be real easy for Hollywood to pump out a script for an American James Bond type. Who knows, maybe there could be a cross-over. Think of something like Skyfall Harder or Die Harder Another Day or Tomorrow Never Dies Harder or Live and Let Die Harder. The possibilities are endless.

I am a Die Hard fan. The latest movie certainly is not a shining star but its the worst movie I’ve seen of late. Big explosions and car chases will keep you entertained. Don’t try to wrap your head around the plot too much as it may never really fit together right. If they would have had more screen time for Yulyia Snigir, the movie would have been all the more better.

Maybe this one is only worth a rental and not a purchase. If you want to keep your Die Hard collection complete though you’ll need to cough about $20 over at Amazon.

Yippie Ki-Yay!!!


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