G. I. Joe: Retitillation

G I Joe RetaliationBuilding on the silly campiness of the original, G. I. Joe: Retaliation does it’s papa proud.

The Joes are at the Korean DMZ to save a defector, putting them right in the action as the movie starts. They are able to rescue him but they don’t get to rest long as they are quickly redeployed to Pakistan where the government is in chaos and nuclear weapons have gone missing. A quick and surgical strike gets the Joes the weapons they are after. The victory is short-lived, however, as they are attacked at their camp. They are nearly annihilated with only a handful of survivors.  The few remaining must figure out what happened, avenge their fallen comrades, and stop the forces responsible.

Am I going to tell you the story is good? No. Am I going to tell you it’s realistic? No. Will I tell you it is well put together? No. None of these things are true, I’d rate them all ok just below good, but it is still fun to watch. Keep in mind that we are talking about a movie based on a line of toys. If you never watched any of the cartoons or read the comics, you have to also realize that those stories were pretty well out there(extra props to anybody that remembers Cobra-La). There was some basis in reality in the idea of elite military forces with advanced weaponry working covertly. This movie seemed much more cartoonish and truer to the cartoon series than the original. I think maybe I liked it a little better just because of that.

Everything in the production value of this is movie is pretty good. Nothing comes across as overly fake looking. There is a good sense of imagination versus realism. Look at the explosive fireflies as an example. That type of stuff is in development but it may not be at the level presented in this movie.  I’ll even give a nod to a solid cast. The Rock is his typical over buffed character and Channing Tatum does well for as little he is in the movie. Good to see Bruce Willis can still find work here and there. But I’ll admit that my favorite has to be Lady Jaye as portrayed by Adrianne Palicki. as she held her own against all the boys. To say the least, Palicki was beautiful through out the movie, stunning in the running outfit, and absolutely amazing in that red dress.

Back to the point though. Running just under two hours, the movie won’t make you a better person but will show you some explosions to keep you entertained. I watched with thanks to a free rental from Redbox. Sorry, no Netflix or not yet anyway. Amazon has a decent price of about $20 for a Blu-ray/DVD/Digital combo pack as I write this be maybe by the time you read this it will be even cheaper.


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