Saints Row: The Bird

Saints Row The ThirdA game that is a heck of a lot of fun with minimal thinking involved.

As the game begins, the Saints Row gang is in the midst of a bank heist. They are accompanied by an actor doing research on for his role in the Saints Row movie that is to be done. The Saints have become famous for their prior exploits and are ready to cash in. Some how, the heist goes wrong and the authorities are there to stop them. Not only are the cops there but so is the competition. The gang survives the heist but find themselves on a plane full of their assailants. A battle ensues and one of the Saints sacrifices himself to fight the opposing gang while his crew escapes. Back on land the Saints Row gang must take the fight to the gangs that are trying to take their city from them and government forces that are trying to shut them down.

Yes the game has a story line but that is not what will really hook you into this game.  The best parts of this game are the humor and the action. The game is set up in one of my favorite modes, third person shooter. I prefer these games because I feel like I get a better view of what is going on as opposed to a first person shooter. The guns and weapons work very well in the engine they are using and you have a wide variety of them to choose from. I’ve never played another game what gives you an over-sized purple dildo called The Penetrator as a weapon. The game goes to the wall to make fun of as many things as possible. I can’t tell you how hard I laughed when Burt Reynolds showed up. The Mayhem and Insurance Fraud task were hilariously rewarding.

Is the game perfect? No. There are glitches like if you park your vehicle over the waypoint of an event, it’s not always reliable as to whether you will start the event or get back in the vehicle. One really creepy glitch happened when I went through a side event, came back to my vehicle and found two citizens phased into the hood of the vehicle. One phased out and went away as soon as I drove off but one stuck in the car and hung out the window from his knees. It was sadistically funny at first but that wore off after the first two minutes and just became a distraction.

Is it worth the money Amazon is asking??? Not to me anyway. It was a freebie to me via PlayStation Plus. But if you can get it on the cheap I would highly recommend it. I didn’t think I would stick with the game for long but I did find that I played it long enough to complete the campaign, most of the side missions, and earn the gold trophy for playing thirty hours.  I don’t know what lies ahead for Saints Row 4 since THQ faltered but hopefully the new owner, Koch Media, will do it right and let the people at Volition continue what they have done so well.


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