Hansel and Gretel: Bitch Hunters

Hansel and GretelA fresh take on a children’s classic. Fresh with a testosterone kick and bullets. Kind of like Pulp Fiction meets The Muppets.

The forest is dark as a father carries a lantern back to the house. His wife tells him to take the children to the forest immediately. He does so and tells them to stay there. The children wander through the forest and come upon a house made of candy. They become trapped inside the house with a witch but are able to defeat the her. Move forward several years and we find a mature Hansel and Gretel working as witch hunters. They are called to a town that has had several small children go missing. These children must be found and the evil forces kidnapping them must be stopped.

Some things aren’t so clear in the movie but remember this is an adaptation of a fairy tale. Exactly what time period they have this set in, I’m not sure. One would think it would based somewhere in the 1800’s but the fact that the heroes have advanced weapons like shotguns and electric shock devices, it’s hard to say when this movie would be taking place. Keep in mind though that we are talking about a movie with witches so I think we can suspend our disbelief.

The things that are clear in the movie are what makes it worth watching. The story was an interesting take on a fairy tale to make it more action oriented for Hollywood to be able to sell it. There are plenty of chase scenes, gun battles, and fist fights to make the action lover happy or at least appeased. Don’t let the kids watch this one though, with a sprinkle of foul language and nudity it may not be appropriate. The movie manages to not slow down at any point and it is less than ninety minutes thus fighting the trend of unnecessarily long movies. Predictability was somewhat of an issue though. Some of the plot was telegraphed a little too well and some things that were supposed to be surprises fell flat when revealed as it was apparent well before the reveal occurred. Take this a positive as they did not try to make any overtly crazy twists happen.

Apologies to all the Netflix fans but you can’t get this on your streaming plan. You may find movies with Hansel and Gretel in the title but none of them are this movie. I got this from Red Box but it was worth it, especially since I had a code for a free rental. Free is always a good price. Amazon, however, seems a little pricey at this point and you may just want to hold off a little bit before purchasing.


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