Pop Gun

Top GunAh…an 80’s classic that is still as entertaining toady as it was when it was released. When I say entertaining I mean how campy and over-acted it is.

Top Gun was the breakout role for Tom Cruise as Maverick, a Naval aviator who despite his obvious talents struggles to keep himself under control. Maverick and his RIO Goose(Anthony Edwards) get to go to the Navy’s illustrious combat training school, Top Gun(hence the name of the movie) and compete to be the best of the best. This is where Maverick meets Charlie(Kelly McGillis), one of the instructors, and the romantic sparks start.

Watching this movie again brought tears to my eyes from laughter. If you watch it, you can see that 80’s style of the dramatic and seeing it now just makes me laugh. There are parts that just don’t fit together. Pretty much all of the flight sequences are great sources of comedy. They try to make it dramatic and tense but you can’t buy into them because it just comes across as so unrealistic. How long does it take to lock weapons on another plane when it is right in front of you? I’m no Naval aviator myself but I’m going to guess it doesn’t work the same in real life as it did in this movie. But what other movie has grown men playing beach volleyball? Even this scene had me laughing– who plays beach volleyball in jeans??? Answer, Maverick. Perhaps one of the movie’s strongest suits what its soundtrack. Kenny Loggins provided the bulk of it but it had a few classics as well. It even sparked a one hit wonder that won as Oscar.

If you watch this and feel the fighter pilot coming out of you, head over to Top Gun Day and use their call sign generator to get your very own call sign. Mine was Sourdough.

Have yourself a little bit of 80’s nostalgia and watch this movie again or watch it for the first time and get a taste of what 80’s cinema was like. Folks of the Netflix persuasion can watch this right now. Amazon has it for as low as $6.99 on DVD. If you hurry I saw a listing on Amazon for a VHS copy, that would be your ultimate 80’s experience right there.


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