A Sad Day For Video Gamers

RIP - Ryan Davis

RIP – Ryan Davis

News broke today that Ryan Davis, 34, co-founder of Giantbomb.com has passed away. No details have been released at this time. He had just gotten married less than a week prior to his passing. This is an unexpected and unwanted heart breaker for the entire video game industry and its fans.

I am most familiar with Ryan Davis from his work on Giant Bomb’s podcast, aptly named the Giant Bombcast. He served as host, MC, sometimes referee, and ring master. His lighthearted nature and abundant video game knowledge made him a pleasure to listen to. It is perhaps this podcast more than anything else that inspired me to put my thoughts in writing about video games and other entertainment. This is a huge loss to his family, friends, and fans. My thoughts are with them all. In his honor, I’ll carry on the work he helped inspire me to pursue.


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