Dud Island

Dead IslandI didn’t even finish this game. That sets the stage for what I thought of this game.

The story allows you to choose from one of four characters trapped on an island in the midst of a zombie breakout. I couldn’t get interested in the story line, which was most of the reason I didn’t finish the game. The graphics seemed sub par for what I expect at this point on the Playstation 3. The fact that your weapons broke down as you used them was intriguing and different at first but quickly became an annoyance as they became ineffective against your enemies.

Obviously a lot of other people liked this game better than I did. It sold well enough to warrant a sequel but I won’t be partaking in that either. I bought this game used for about $12.00 and traded it back in. This wasn’t the sharpest zombie game I’ve played and perhaps it just didn’t meet my expectation but may do so for others. We’ll just take what mama said and stay pretty quiet on this one.

One thought on “Dud Island

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