Miss Teary Men

Mystery MenBack in 1999 there weren’t really any good super hero movies. Mystery Men did not break that mold.

Ben Stiller stars as Mr. Furious whose super power is to get really really mad. He is accompanied by his teammates of The Shoveler(William H. Macy) and The Blue Raja(Hank Azaria). They contribute the abilities to shovel really good and to throw silverware, respectively. They find themselves tasked with saving the city from destruction after a super villain, Cassanova Frankenstein, captures the city’s leading super hero, Captain Amazing. To help them in their task, they recruit other super hero want to be’s like The Spleen who can fart, The Bowler who has her dead father’s skull in her bowling ball, and Invisible Boy who despite his name can’t quite turn invisible yet.

Mystery Men failed to be either a super hero movie or a parody of one. While some of the humor was funny, some of it was lost. For example, why was the villain’s name Cassanova Frankenstein? He wasn’t so much of a Cassanova or at least that did come across in the movie, nor was he much like Frankenstein. The story suffered from a lot of fragmentation. Almost like the writers had so much material that they tried to cram too much into the movie and ruined it by doing so. This also contributed to the movie having a run time of over two hours.

If you are into watching second-rate comedies, go ahead and watch this movie. Otherwise, spend two hours doing something more entertaining. If you are heart set on watching Ben Stiller for some reason, watch Zoolander instead. Netflix has this movie available but I would not condone purchasing it.


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