Transformers: Fell for Cybertron

Transformers: Fall of CybertronThis game is a top-notch sequel to its predecessor and does it proud. Although it had its share of sophomore issues the game is a great follow-up and continuation of the first.

The story of Transformers: Fall of Cybertron picks up from where Transformers: War for Cybertron ended. The Autobots are making a desperate effort to flee Cybertron and the rath of the Decepticons. The game makes a strong start by placing you on the Ark, the vessel the Autobots are attempting to use for their escape, in the midst of an attack by the Decepticons. After the stage is initially set, you are taken slightly back in time to when the Autobots are making their preparations to leave. The game takes you through missions on both the Autobot and Decepticon sides just as the first game did. The Autobot missions have you going to gather what supplies you can and to try to foil the Decepticons plans of stopping you. When playing as the Decepticons, you work to advance your plans of destroying the Autobots and subduing treachery within your ranks.

This game made some improvements from the first but also took away a few. The graphics are the most notable improvement. The characters and environment are noticeably sharper and more detailed than the original. Players will immediately notice that the double jump has been removed and replaced with a dashing mechanic. This makes the ability to access spaces not necessarily impossible but rather different from what had become comfortable or expected from the original. Weapons are now upgradeable at terminals throughout the game but you must have available credits to do so. Most of the weapons are similar to the original’s but you can no longer pick up a fallen enemy’s weapon to use. Weapons can only be changed when one is found in the environment or at one of the aforementioned upgrade terminals.

The game was able to evoke the same level of emotion and drama as the first. Make sure you watch the opening sequence that plays at the title screen as it helps to set the tone for the game. Fans of the Transformers genre will recognize and appreciate the dotted references to other efforts such as the 1986 animated movie. Take the time to watch the credits when you beat the game to see a little bit of lighthearted humor. This game is a definite must play for any fan of the original or Transformers in general.

GameStop is still charging $34.99 for a used copy which is odd since Amazon only wants $20.60 for a new copy. Cheapskates can enjoy a used copy from GameFly for $17.99.


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