Punch-Drunk Loath

Punch-Drunk LoveThe first time I watched this movie I didn’t like it. The second attempt did not help that opinion. It is rough to write about something you just didn’t like but that is what this post is.

The story centers on Barry Egan(Adam Sandler) and his struggles with emotional/mental issues as he finds love. For me the movie was both uncomfortable and uninteresting at best. I’m not sure if it was trying to be a dark comedy, dark satire, or dark drama. The characters were not very relate-able if at all. It seemed that Barry Egan was supposed to be a quirky adorable character like Dustin Hoffman’s Raymond from Rain Man but came off more like a creepy mess in the manner of Jim Carrey in The Cable Guy. Even the female lead failed to draw any sympathy with her British accent and her unexplainable obsession with meeting Barry.

But it’s not all bad…I like a lot of the camera work.

I can’t recommend this movie unless you absolutely can’t find anything else to watch or you are obsessed with seeing every movie Adam Sandler has done. The movie is available on Netflix so it really won’t cost anything other than your time. Speaking of time, I’ll cut this post short since mama said ‘if you don’t have anything nice to say…shut up.’


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