BulletstormI bought this game for about $5 from GameStop during a special promotion and for the price it was a good game. Had I paid the full $60 that this game originally retailed for, I would have been disappointed.

The story follows Grayson Hunt, a mercenary who is seeking revenge against his former commander who had used him to carry out various nefarious deeds. The story itself is nothing new and has been used time and again in movies and video games. This game was the precursor game by the studio, People Can Fly, that did Gears of War: Judgement Day.  Having played the Judgement Day game, you can tell there was a lot that the studio was trying out in this game to see if it would work in their future games. It very well may have been that Epic Games used this as an audition for People Can Fly to see if they had what it takes to do a Gears of War game. Some of the plot set up and game mechanics are very recognizable in Judgement Day as having come from Bulletstorm.

Bulletstorm as a game is somewhat unpolished but fun. The graphics in the game are as good as any other game of its time. They are not the very best that are available but very good. The weapons of the game work well with one exception. The sniper rifle in the game is the worst weapon in the game in my opinion. After firing your round, you must steer the bullet as it nears your target but the target seems to have a bead on where the bullet is going and has an almost super-human ability to dodge the bullet. Balance that against an electric whip/lash that you can use to pull enemies into the air and then shoot or kick them. Doing that had an odd sense of reward and fun. One mechanic that just didn’t fit in is the ability to slide. You could slide at any point, be it on level ground, up hill, or down hill and you could go until you hit into something. It was never clear why this particular mechanic was even available in the game as there were limited instances where it is of any use. The game on a whole is raucous fun and the only true objective is to shot through everything to get to the end.

Amazon is pushing it at still asking $11.99 for this game but GameStop will sell you a used copy for $7.99. The campaign is less than eight hours, so it is not a lengthy investment of your time. Play it and just have fun with it. There is nothing that can be taken too seriously about this game.


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