Zero Park Thirty

Zero Dark ThirtyIf you decide to watch this movie you better find a comfortable place to sit for a while. You won’t be blown away by the sparse action sequences but you may be pulled into plight of the main character.

The central story of Zero Dark Thirty is about the covert efforts to find and ultimately kill Osama Bin Laden. The events and people are based on the actual but how accurate the movie is we may never know for sure. You’ll just have to take that what is being portrayed on-screen is somewhat indicative of what really happened. The actual events of Osama Bin Laden’s downfall are really just the back drop for the true focus of the movie, Jessica Chastain’s character of Maya. She is one of the agents trying to get information on Bin Laden and solve the mystery of where he is. At the begining of the movie she arrives at one of the detainee sites very green and naive of the world she has been put into. As time progresses you see her turn very bitter against the terrorist she must pursue. Some telling scenes of how obsessed and cold she has become are when she is no longer taken aback by the various methods of torture used to glean information from the detainees. Her single focus drives her so far as to become, for lack of better terms, a real bitch. Constant battles with superiors and counterparts show that she has become ruthless in her pursuit. But perhaps the most telling scene comes at the very end of the movie. After Bin Laden is dead she realizes that everything she spent the last few years of her life on are gone and over. In that scene you get a sense of how isolated and lonely she had become and now must carry on somehow.

This is one of the best movies I’ve seen done in the last few years. It was good to see that the personal struggle did not get overshadowed by big explosions and drawn out gun fights. The human element was by far the focus of this military drama. Even the supporting cast and characters brought believability and a feeling that you could identify with them as well.

Do yourself a favor and watch this movie. It’s not the typical war movie you’ve seen in the past. The faint of heart or weak of stomach may want to proceed with caution when it comes to a few of the interrogation scenes.

Your renting options for this movie are numerous. Buying options are too. Amazon will take your $15.74 and send you this great film to own.


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