Django Uncharmed

Django UnchainedThis movie was heralded by a good amount of people when it was released and I wish that I had the love for it that they did. Although I think it is a good movie, I don’t think it earned the amount of praise it is given. Quentin Tarantino does his usual job on this movie. Take a story, exaggerate some of the characters, play up some uncomfortable situations, and feature a few overtly bloody scenes.

The movie follows Jamie Foxx’s character of Django as he is freed from slavery and tries to do the same for his wife. Django is still a slave when the move opens and he meets up with his future partner in bounty hunting, Dr. King Schultz. In the time span of one winter with Dr. Schultz, Django hones his skills as a gunman and bounty hunter. Soon the pair take aim at freeing Django’s beloved wife Broomhilda. I’ll spare you the details of the plots as to not give those that are interested in watching it any spoilers.

The movie had strong points but a few weak ones as well. The cast performed their characters and scenes very well. Special kudos to another stellar performance by Samuel Jackson as Leonardo DiCaprio’s head man-servant. The cinematography did a fantastic job of making the movie look and feel authentic. Where the movie waned was in the details. It felt like a certain word was over used. I understand that they were trying to convey how prejudiced the South was at the time but I felt like the word became a crutch and they missed other points that would have demonstrated the amount of prejudice. There were times when they tried to do it right but relented to allowing Django to proceed just to further the movie. One example is at Big Daddy’s plantation(no spoilers) that I felt Django would have never been allowed to walk away from. The soundtrack was a point of displeasure for me. They used several types of music and artist to try to make it more modern and hip but to me westerns aren’t modern or hip.

Overall I will still say this was a good movie that I just don’t have the affinity for that others do. It took me about four attempts to watch this movie because I kept falling asleep at the same point and waking up at the credits. Maybe if they had cut an hour of time, which they could have, I would have made it through it the first time and enjoyed it even more. I’ll encourage to at least rent this movie as it is one of the better westerns that have been made more recently. If you are looking to buy, Amazon has the combo pack(Blu-ray, dvd, digital, and UltraViolet) that will let you watch it on almost any platform for $22.96.


2 thoughts on “Django Uncharmed

  1. I agree with you wholeheartedly. I watched this last night and felt there was something overwrought there. Good but not great. I think Tarantino might of written a movie so harsh that he could absolve himself with his cameo’s endgame.

    • Given that this movie is a remake, I can’t give Tarantino too much credit as a writer on this. He took a story that already existed, changed it up a bit, and put it to film again.

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