Past Effect

Mass EffectWhy post about a game that was released in 2007? Because it’s a great game. Plus, I just finished playing it….again….twice. The reason? I wanted to play the PlayStation 3 version. Mass Effect was originally released as an Xbox 360 exclusive. The Mass Effect universe did not appear on the PlayStation 3 until after the initial release of Mass Effect 2. Then Mass Effect 3 was released on both platforms simultaneously. Finally, the original Mass Effect was released to PlayStation gamers.

This was strictly a port and re-release. This was not an HD remake like other games have had. You will still encounter glitches but that is inherent in any game. One of the funnier ones that seems to happen a lot is when you or a teammate get caught in an environmental object and start convulsing and jittering as if you just smoked crack while in the midst of a sugar rush. The combat system is okay but there are obvious improvements in the sequels. Upgrading your weapons and armor is a bit confusing. If you figure it out early you are fine so make sure you pay attention to what items are in your inventory and how you use them. Proper use can make battles and enemies much easier to get past. A particular frustration to me was the Mako. This is the vehicle you have to drive when you land on planets and in several main story line missions. I can only compare this experience to trying to bowl on ice while wearing your socks. You can eventually learn to do it well enough to get bye but at certain times it will go irrecoverably wrong.

Put aside the technical problems and you will find yourself in one of the best RPG shooter games available. You’ll play as Commander Shepard whom you can build as male or female. That is the first of many choices you’ll get to make during this game. Throughout the game you’ll be given the opportunity to make choices during conversations that potentially alter the conversation itself and aspects of the game’s story line. The game moves the plot well by offering a good balance of story development and combat missions. The characters are not only well written but well voiced.

If you are interested in this game on the PlayStation 3 your options are limited. To get only the original Mass Effect, you’ll have to purchase it in digital form from the PlayStation Store for about $15. The only way to get the game on disc for the PlayStation is to buy the Mass Effect trilogy. The trilogy will include all three of the Mass Effect games and some of the DLC. The trilogy will only cost you $44.71 on Amazon as of the time of this post. But once you start playing this game it’s a good chance you’ll want to continue on with the story. Xbox 360 players can get the trilogy from Amazon for $45.35 or get only the original for about $15 on Xbox Marketplace.

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