The Least Stand

Oh Arnold, we missed you.


the-last-standIf you are excited to see Arnold making movies again you may want to keep waiting. Bare in mind that Mr. Schwarzenegger hasn’t made a full movie since he took time out to run California for a few years. Sure he was in Expendables 2 but his performance was little more than an extended cameo.

This movie is based around a small town on the Mexican border that Arnold Schwarzenegger is the sheriff of. The rest of the movie’s story line is choppy at best. They attempt to the make the sheriff a former agent of a higher level  government agency but they tried to play coy about it and not truly give all the details. This was a poor attempt to add some intrigue to the character that really had no place in the movie and did not need to be there. Trouble brews for the town as news…

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